Car wrap is a good way to promote your business. Effective ad campaigns come from designs that entice and bring a reaction from the prospects and consumers. We have a few seconds to a reaction, and we better make it work fast or else we loose the opportunity. Any layout, as simple as it may be needs the basic structure of the priority for who, what, how and where. Often mistaken, in some campaigns, WHAT you sell can be so much more important than WHO you are, and such design must reflect that.

In addition, a long-lasting vehicle wrap needs a proper installation. A good installation is very important, and we can’t stress that enough. Our well-trained experienced personnel take pride in everything we do, and we pay attention to details in meticulous installations. We take extra time on the challenges of odd and curved shapes we wrap.

We want our customers to appreciate our work and ultimately refer our work to their network of friends and work colleagues. We work for “likes” on Facebook and Instagram. Nothing pleases us more than a satisfied customer. We stand behind our reputation of close to 20 years. Custom wrap in Miami.


Vehicle graphics is “the most cost-effective form of advertising” because you turn the van or truck you already have driving around town into a billboard. Let us help you to achieve surprising results!

We also offer Trailer Wrap in Miami