DIGIGRAPHIX offers you solutions for your brand identity, stores & retails, trade shows and workplace. Our services are:


logo design, concepts & layout, vehicle wraps, dimensional logos, wall graphics, decals & banners


dimensional logos, wall graphics, boards & stand offs, office decor, press printing, web presence


aluminum & truss structures, product development, banner stands, backdrops, teardrop flags, tents, press printing


window decals & posters, wall graphics, custom shelving, photography, product development, press printing, web presence


website development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, email campaigns
LG trading logo design in Miami

Identity Development

Over the years we helped many businesses to have a strong presence in the marketplace with logos we proudly conceptualize and designed. A well-designed logo tells a lot about your business, about your commitment to look your best and stand out in the crowd.

There are many websites with pre-designed logos and quick identity solutions. We are not like that. We specialize in conceptualizing and tailoring to each individual situation, so that we can present appropriate alternatives and ideas. We start by presenting about 12 design options, so that you become part of the selective process, guiding and narrowing the designs until you are completely satisfied. As many times as necessary to go back to the drawing board, we guarantee your satisfaction.

We can help whether you need just a creative logo design that identifies and represents your company overall, or more elaborate project in need of a market evaluation and or a study for a product placement, we have the experience and know how. Give us a call, we can help.

Florida Detroit van wrap design

Concept & Layout

Often we see vehicle wraps, billboards, and other oversized prints with too much information and very little organization. The obvious layout mistake: too much is too much and too little is too little.

The concept of Who, What, Where, How is very important in the organization and layout of any page or print. Many times WHAT you sell is so much more important than WHO you are, and often mistakenly shown on vans we see oversized phone numbers, with not much of space left to advertise WHAT they sell.

We understand the dynamics of graphics communication and we apply our knowledge and experience in everything we print. We are here to help and to present creative concepts. Concepts where the relationships between the graphic elements and the information (message) flow effectively. Your success is our guarantee that you will keep on giving us work. We want you to succeed.

Photography service at Digigraphix Doral Florida


Product photography is a very important part of the selling process. Pictures speak a thousand words, and that is for sure. We eat with our eyes and that is why “food photos” are crucial to the success of a restaurant.

Many times we come across situations where a client orders prints with low-quality pixelated photos. If you want your product or service be noticed, you need good quality photos with vibrant colors that portraying the right mood and feel of whatever it is that you are selling. Images need to be appealing and we can help in the process of getting your voice heard. We are here to help.

Web design Digigraphix Advertising Co

Web Solutions

We are here to present solutions to all your web requirements. We can help promoting your business and assure gaining new customers. Nowadays, creating a website is not only aesthetic but also there are technical elements that are crucial for a functional website. People need to find your business and Search Engine Optimization is a very important part to integrate on the web.

Digigraphix offers a full range of services, from conceptualizing and deploying the website, to maintaining current with the standards necessary to communicate well with the advances in web positioning. Other services we offer are related to Social Media. Crucial part of any company nowadays. Gotta keep up with the motion and speed of things. We are on top of all and we keep it current.

We create desirable working environments by stimulating visuals that inspire productivity.

Fact is, you look good, you feel good; you feel good, you produce more.